How We Can Help You Sell Your HDB Fast Without Compromising On The Price.

Even If You Have Tried With Other Agent But They Failed You! 

Here's How It's Done For You! Watch The Video!

The sellers in the video above both found it difficult to sell their HDB at 810B Choa Chu Kang and 133 Edgedale Plains until they have met up with us to sell their unit.

The agents previously were not able to bring in any buyers to their unit and has not been doing anything to bring offers to the sellers for the past 4-5 months.

Even though the units looks to be in good shape and looks to be in a move-in condition, there are much more things that’s needed to be done to attract more buyers over.

Satisfied Client Stories

Here's Whats Done For You


Solid Marketing Plan

We craft a 3 months plan to ensure that your unit is attractive to the buyers in the market out there.


Video Tour & Marketing

Video Marketing is what we do to highlight the plus and tone down the minus points of your house such that prospective buyers will know the beauty of your unit before they even step foot into your home.


Social Media Marketing & Targeting

Outreach will be done using social media and retargeting to get the right group of buyers to view your home tour video & get them over to your house. 


Buyers Responds Through Social Media

Through all this outreach, many different buyers will respond to request for viewing of your house posted.


Eventually Your House will be Sold in 7 Days After Marketing Ads

Eventually For Our Unit at 810B Choa Chu Kang, We Got It Sold in 7 Days After We Started Our Advertisement

Wait Caleb!

Isn't What You Do The Same As Other Agent? 

Typical agents only use Online portals such as

  1.  Propertyguru
  3. Carousell

Yet It's Not Sufficient!

See What our customers are saying:

Started Selling on 28 Feb and Sold On 6 Mar.

Within 7 Days, Caleb & Carol manage to sell off our house. 

... We Felt Comfortable working with Caleb. As we are able to get what we wanted.

Totally no stress as proper communication was done to make sure our house is sold fast and at a price we are looking for.

Margaret  //  Home Owner at 108 Yishun Ring Road

Engaged on 13th September and Sold on 4th October

We were trying to sell our parent’s HDB flat for the last 7 months since Feb 2019. However, the agent that we previously engaged in couldn’t fetch an offer for us in the market. We were disappointed that it is taking so long to sell our HDB.

We manage to find Caleb & Carol who specialise in selling HDB fast and we decided to meet up with them to help us sell our house on 13 September 2019.

I was surprised to hear from Caleb that they have an offer for our HDB on 4th October 2019 and we readily accepted their offer as we have waited close to 8 months for our HDB to be sold.

We are glad to have met Caleb & Carol in which they were fast and professional in making sure that we are able to get our HDB sold and at a reasonable price.

Mrs Lawrence  //  HDB Owner at 20 Toa Payoh

Started Selling on 22 Aug and Sold On 9 Sep.

Before this, I have problems selling my property. The agents were not active in selling. I met up with Me Immediately.


We Discussed How the sale works out on 22 Aug 2019. 

And Now on 9 September 2019, it's Sold!

Johari  //  Home Owner at 133 Edgedale Plains

Sold Above Seller's Expectation in 1 Week

We Thought it would be a hard to sell house since it's 2nd Floor. 

We wanted $240,000 for it as we thought it will be tuff to sell at this price. 

Within 3 days, He Sold it at $250,000 for us which is above our expectation!

Thank you Caleb &Carol

Paul  //  HDB Owner at 318 Bukit Batok

Carol & Caleb helped us with an upgrade from a 4 Room  Flat to A 5 Room Flat Without Us Coming Out a Single Cent Of Cash.

They Sold Our House and Bought Our House All Just Within a Span of 3 Months! 

We are Glad They Manage To Get The Price That We Wanted.

Tommy & Jasmine - HDB Upgrader

After Some Bad Experiences With Our Previous Agents For More Than a Year, We Almost Wanted to Give Up Upgrading to a Private Property. Till We Met Caleb & Carol. 

From Selling Our House to Purchasing Our New Home, They Give Us Superb Advise and Peace of Mind. 

They are ready to clear our doubts and at the same time supplied us with additional information when it comes to buying the right house for our future.

Alan & Serene - Sengkang HDB Upgrader

We were extremely disappointed with our previous agent. Marketed for close to 3 months, had yielded no result.

As our property were in an original condition, which resulted in little to no offers at all by the previous agent. 

Caleb & Carol, within 2 months manage to secure a buyer with an offer price which were exceed our expectation by $10,000.

Danny & Helen - Pasir Ris Home Seller

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Under an Exclusive Agreement with an Agent. Can You Help?

My HDB cannot be sold to other races. Can it still work for me? 

Can this work for condominium and landed property too? 

What's the average selling period for you to sell my home?

After Selling, Will you help us in the buying as well? 

Should i Sell my HDB First or Buy My Property First?

What's Your Service Fee for Selling a Property?

Caleb & Carol  //  Best Property Selling Agent

Caleb & Carol are HDB Property Selling Specialist.


Typically, they help struggling HDB Owners who are unable to sell their HDB Flat in the market. 

They help them by re-positioning the right angle to sell their HDB with creative marketing methods to get buyers attracted to the unit before they even step foot into the house.

Caleb & Carol

Are You Facing This Issues With Your Home Sale?

  1. 1
    Very few viewings or no viewing at all
  2. 2
    Is your Property in the market for very long
  3. 3
    Keep receiving unreasonable low offers from buyers
  4. 4
    Do you want to sell your Property Faster?
  5. 5
    No feedback from Agent at all
  6. 6
    Getting no results from your current property agent
  7. 7
    Agent not being frank with the current market conditions
  8. 8
    Agent not creative and aggressive in marketing your property
  9. 9
    Agent just seems to have disappeared

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If we don't get house sold by 3 months, just let us know and we will do our best to correct it!
If you are still not satisfied you can request the terminate us.