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The #1 Rental Property Agent in Singapore Reveals How to Get a Higher Rental Price in as Little as 7 Days...

Even If Your House Is Wreck By Your Tenant, Unrenovated & Not Furnished

Who we are

I’m Caleb & Carol. We have been helping owners rent out their homes for the last 5 years as one of the top rental agent in Singapore!

  • Did you know that most homes get rented at a low rental rates?
  • Did you know you’ll end up spending more money than you collected when you choose the wrong tenant for your property?
  • Did you know that choosing the right tenant will help you save a lot of trouble when it comes to house maintenance?

Here’s the problem you face:

You want to get the best tenant that can rent your house at the best price that you’re looking for.

But after searching high and low on your own, you get offers that are below what you're expecting. You get unqualified tenants looking to view at absurd timings, forcing you to rush to open the door to meet and greet and show the property.

Worse of all, these tenants have a never-ending list of requests that they are looking for in a rental. In some cases, you might be thinking "I just bought this furniture 2 years ago and now they want me to get rid of it!"

You'll be thankful if you manage to get a responsible tenant who pays rent on time. However, some will evade your calls and even worse, leave your WhatsApp messages on "blue-tick," leaving you to constantly worry if the rent has been paid each month.

But working with a
property rental agent like Caleb & Carol can change this experience entirely. A knowledgeable rental agent already has a network of quality tenants looking for properties just like yours.

They handle all of the viewings, screening, negotiations and paperwork for you, only bringing you qualified prospects willing to pay your asking price.

With an experienced real estate rental agent on your side, you can sit back while they handle everything needed to get your property rented to a great tenant at the highest possible rate.

Here's What You Need!

Luckily For You, We are Here To Make Sure Your House Get Rented At the Best Price Without Any Worries On Your Part. Here's What We Will Do To Ensure it

Pre-Rental Checks: Detailed Qualification


Understand Owner's Expectation & Desires


Qualify Potential Tenant through Basic Profiling like employment, Work Passes with MOM & ICA & # of occupants.


Reference Checks With Previous Landlord's to find if tenant's has any negative patterns about renting.

With This Checks Being Done, We are assured that the tenant's have a good standing with regards to payment worthiness and also if they maintain their house in a good condition order.

rental agent checklist

Complete Handover Report

Making sure that the property rental condition is in good condition before we handover to them and after receiving it back is very important to ensure your unit stays in it's tip top condition.

Besides handover report, condition video report will be taken together to ensure that the landlord and the tenant understand the condition before the handover to prevent any dispute by the tenant after the end of the lease period.

Ongoing Tenancy Check-In

During the entire tenancy period, whenever there are breakdowns of the household appliance, we will be the first to assist the tenant to get it sorted without disturbing the landlord.

Simple repairs item that can save the landlord $500 can be done at less than $50.

Ensuring Aircon servicing is done promptly by the tenants also is our crucial responsibility to prevent any aircon breakdowns of your aircon. 

property rental agent repair management

Benefits Of Engaging Us

Team Agents

We are a team agent so you get the maximum exposure when it comes to renting out your property. This means you will be getting a better quality of tenants for your property. 

Get Tenant Fast

We work fast in securing tenants for our landlord so you can ensure that there will be little to no vacancy in your rental property which means you will have more rental income instead of leaving the property vacant.

Quality Tenants

We qualify our tenants well so you will be getting good and quality tenants that are suitable for your property. This means you will have peace of mind knowing that your property will be well taken care of.

Higher Rental Price

We strive to get the best price for you so you can maximize the rental yield for your property which means you’ll have more income generated from your property through our expertise.

Post-Rental Support

We handle all the post-handover requests so you do not be troubled by all the tenants' endless requests, which means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every issue will be solved through us.

About Us.

Hi there! We are Caleb & Carol, your rental agents with over 5 years of experience assisting clients in Singapore with renting out their properties. As your rental property agents, our main focus is ensuring our landlord clients have true peace of mind when it comes to renting out their property.

Focusing on our client's interests is of the utmost importance to us as rental agents, because we believe that we are the ones who journey together with our clients on the path towards property wealth.

We believe our role as your rental agents is to be the important link towards creating meaningful relationships between landlords and tenants.

Now, as your dedicated rental property agents, we currently manage over 100's of HDB and private properties and have helped our clients successfully exit the rental market at the right time.

But Don't Just Take Our Word As Your Rental Agents.

Take A Look At What Our Past Landlord Clients Have To Say.

Who Do We Work With?

Whole Unit HDB Owners

Your HDB is lease expiring soon, and need someone who cares yet also takes a proactive approach to managing your property?

Well, you already know how we can help you do best!

Condo Owners

You might have just collected your new keys to your new condo or resale condo.

We would love to explore the options available for property investment, rental yield, and exit strategy.

Property Investors

For multiple property investors, you're currently managing on your own.

You might want to consider getting our help to get a better deal while reducing your property expenses. 

They say

Hassle Free Selling & Buying Process All Done By Them

Poh Hong - CCK Home Seller.

Caleb Managed to Sell Our House In less than 7 days Above Our Expectation

Margaret - Yishun Home Seller

Initially I wanted $240k, However Caleb Surprised Me With $250k Sale Price For Me.

Paul - Seller & Buyer of Bukit Batok


What if you do not rent out my property within the specified period?

If we haven't rented your flat within the specified period, you don't need to pay us anything.

How much is your commission?

The standard commission is half month of rent for per year of lease.

For us, we get the same commission as well. But you already know we provide full property management and we strive to acheive the best price for you.

Should i Rent Out My Property Unfurnished or Fully Furnished?

For Private Property, It would usually be best to rent it out partially furnished. For HDB Property, it's good to rent fully furnished

When do I need to pay the commission?

We only receive the commission when you have officially signed the contract—no up front payment required.